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Current US Foreign Policy In The Middle East March 12 http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Duron-Harmon-Jersey/ , 2014 | Author: Krystal Branch | Posted in Politics
The current US foreign policy in the Middle East has come under intense scrutiny especially due to shifting world concerns. The approach has been informed by politics of each generation or season which has prompted successive governments to respond differently. It is worth noting that before the world war, this region was of greater interest to Europe since the defeat of Ottoman rule.

The image of America, especially before world wars, was an untainted http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Drew-Bledsoe-Jersey/ , respectful and non-partisan friend. They were credited for developing the best oil engineers, work force, medicine and the best education institutions. Compared to the Americans, the Europeans passed as selfish and unreliable because of their duplicity. Natural resources http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Donta-Hightower-Jersey/ , and especially oil, have made the region strategically important to world powers. The deposits can easily determine global crude oil prices.

Oil prices are an important factor when dealing with Middle East countries. This makes the region strategically important to American interests. The allies that exist in this area include Jordan, Israel, Kuwait http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Donald-Trump-Jersey/ , Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Afghanistan. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar also fall among American allies. Their membership in Nato has always been questioned and led to cold relations with America.

Some ways used by America to maintain influence are hosting large military bases and weapon hauls http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Dion-Lewis-Jersey/ , provision of military support during wars and humanitarian or economic aid. The increasing importance of nuclear weapons has also influenced the issues for this key region. Iraq was invaded by Bush administration with the aim of installing a friendly government. This has defined relationships with other countries considering the oil reserves and how strategic the country was.

Escalating conflicts and the Arab spring have called for a rethinking of the handling of issues at the Persian Gulf. Russia is gaining a lot of influence in world issues and pulling some countries to its side. Syria presented a difficult test to America with the insufficiency of intervention by Obama administration highlighting loss of influence. The duration of the Syrian crisis has angered most countries allied to America.

Nuclear technology remains a hot topic for Arab states and is placing this region at a precarious position. The entry of Iraq into the league in recent months through an agreement with America is an issue of concern to other allies. Its government is yet to stabilize which is considered a great risk. Israel and her battles with Palestine is the another source of conflict and tension.

Influence from other powers including Asia and Russia has caused jitters in Washington. The most recent is the Syrian crisis that is dragging way too much. America is also blamed for removal of Mubarak in Egypt despite his being pro-West for thirty years. There is a call for long term policy directions instead of the reactionary way that is influenced by the policies of the day.

The current US foreign policy in the Middle East is facing a test from Iran. She has shown persistent interest in nuclear weapons and is blamed for supporting terrorism. Bahrain has openly shown displeasure with these developments. America is finding it difficult to hold on to old allies in the wake of changing global interests.

If you want information about current US foreign policy in the Middle East, pay a visit to the web pages online at http:www.tsf-onlinecurrent-us-foreign-policy-in-the-middle-east today. You can see details at http:www.tsf-online now.

BEIJING, June 9 (Xinhua) -- The rectangular device looks something like a flying hard drive as it rises into the air. Once launched it hovers behind its controller and follows him wherever he goes.

The Hover Camera Passport, is a selfie drone made by Beijing's Zero Zero Robotics http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Devin-Mccourty-Jersey/ , and one of the stars of the 20th China Beijing International High-tech Expo. It features face and body recognition, 360 degree panoramic recording and weighs only 242 grams.

"It has become the choice for selfie fans since it went on the market in October 2016," said the company's PR manager Wang Haihai.

Zero Zero Robotics is far from the only company at the expo bringing more autonomy to drones. The booth next-door is devoted to Dobby, a small white drone can be folded and slipped into your pocket.

Weighing only 199 grams http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Derek-Rivers-Jersey/ , Dobby was created by Zero Tech. The pocket drone can be controlled by voice or gesture and folds up to about the size of an iPhone.

The overall market of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, is expected to reach 75 billion yuan (around 11 billion U.S. dollars) by 2025 in China, according to an iResearch report last year.

The report predicted that aerial photography by drone will generate 30 billion yuan alone. The revenue from drones in agriculture http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-Deatrich-Wise-Jr-Jersey/ , forestry, power inspections and security is expected to be about 40 billion yuan.

Skeptics pooh-pooh these emerging mini-drones as having low capacity batteries and being affected by the weather. Drones in general are more rightly criticized as intrusive devices. They may infringe privacy, threaten national security and are a risk to public safety, most notably in their potential to interfere with air traffic.


A counter-drone "gun" sits alone in the exhibition hall http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patriots-David-Harris-Jersey/ , staring menacingly at the Hover Camera Passport and Dobby buzzing about the booths directly opposite. The snappy slogan "guard for low-altitude security" is posted on the wall behind it.

"Our job is to interfere with the drones and protect our customers' territory," aid Chen Jinguang, a technician with Beijing's Quansheng Tech.

The gun interferes with the target drone's remote control and navigation system, more or l.
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